Our work with Diffusion proves that the right experience keeps bringing customers back, even in tough times. With our help, they’ve been able to grow their business – opening four new stores in 2010 and 2011 while many competitors were forced to close.

What:  Urban streetwear brand
Where: Dutch, managed and distributed in the UK by Diffusion


Diffusion runs 5 own-branded stores in the West Midlands
Across the UK it also runs 11 franchised G-Star stores


For everyone in retail it’s been an incredibly difficult few years – but for none more so than fashion retailers. Many have sought to cut costs, with consumer intelligence being directly in the firing line. However unlike budget fashion, urban fashion relies heavily on service and the instore experience. As a client of ours for many years, Diffusion sought our input on fighting the recession by improving their customer experience.


We decided that mystery shopping was an essential tool: Maintaining high service levels, keeping staff motivated, providing a competitive edge and vitally ensuring that loyal customers remain loyal – which in turn saves costs on marketing for new ones. In fact instead of cutting back, Diffusion boosted its programme – using data to create ‘pass marks’ for each store and automatically triggering extra mystery shoppers when they fell below the standard.


The feedback has been implemented in training and operations across all stores. Continuously monitoring staff performance has meant Diffusion have maintained a faithful customer base while providing staff with the motivation to deliver consistently excellent customer service. The end result is that both Diffusion and G-Star stores remain steady or in growth.

“The work we’ve done with Insight Retail in implicitly understanding our customers’ likes and dislikes is undoubtedly the key to why our stores are still succeeding. It’s crucial in fashion. We’ve been able to react quickly, keep the experience relevant and create desire through branding that transcends cost-cutting.” Jocelyn Hill, Operations Manager

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