Bill’s Produce Store

Bill’s had all the ingredients for success. To expand, they just needed someone who knew property as well as they knew fresh, healthy food.

What: Wholesome, award-winning restaurant and produce store
Where: Estd. Sussex, expanding nationally

Project facts:

Started as  fruit ‘n veg shop owned by Bill Collison. First restaurant opened in 2001. Now has 14 branches across the South.


When Bill’s approached us in 2009, the brand was already well-liked and developed. The key to expansion was finding properties that enhanced the wholesome fun of their personality – in the right places, at the right price. Specifically we wanted buildings with a bit of old-fashioned character, in fashionable southern UK towns. But so did many other businesses.


Using our local connections, market knowledge and understanding of the Bill’s brand, we sniffed out sites that had been overlooked by other retail businesses, but which we sensed were ripe for re-invention. In challenging, competitive conditions, we unlocked three high profile properties in Cambridge, Exeter and Bristol.


Cambridge and Exeter have gone on to become leading performers in the Bill’s portfolio. (Bristol is opening soon). And Insight Property is now working with Bill’s sister company, Côte Restaurants, unearthing very different properties to suit this very different dining proposition.

“It’s been enlightening working with Insight Property. They’re easy to work with and you sense their expertise from the outset, which is a source of real confidence. This partnership has been just the springboard we needed to take our growth to the next level.” Andy Bassadone, Director

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