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The humble burger has become one of the most popular dishes in the food world. Across the globe a legion of diners and consumers enjoy the dish in all its guises. From the plain, to the outlandish, restaurants, takeaways, and street food vendors compete to come up with their own take on the burger.

Being based in Bristol we have recently seen an explosion in the burger scene and there have been a number of new openings in the last month alone. It appears, luckily, that we have not yet hit peak burger, and here are some of our favourite places to chow down on some patty wrapped deliciousness.

Three Brothers

The restaurant scene in Bristol can be a tough one to crack but Three Brothers have managed to do this and become a real institution. With an envious location floating on the Welsh Back, this boat-turned-restaurant provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy any one of their burgers and unbeatable milkshakes. Honourable mention must also go to their chilli cheese fries, which are a meal in themselves!


Sometimes it takes a while to stake your reputation, but clearly the folk at Asado had other plans when they burst onto the Bristol restaurant scene. Having only been opened for 2 months these burger specialists have quickly marked themselves as one of the cities best. Their wood grill offers a unique cooking method and imparts a delicious flavour onto everything it touches. Vegetarians have similarly delighted at the ‘Senor Veggie’, making this an all-round great place for burger lovers.

Burger Theory

Having built a huge following from their residency at Kongs of King Street and across a number of festivals, these dynamic burger creationists have just opened their first permanent site on St Stephens Street. They are adapt at coming up with burgers that make a rounded meal in a bun, and with sides like halloumi fries and poutine, you’d be mad not to check this joint out.


From their original streetfood incarnation, MeatLiquor were one of the driving forces in taking the standard burger and turning it into something spectacular. Their infamous ‘Dead Hippie’ soon became food legend, and their empire has since grown from its London home. The Stokes Croft venue makes for a great spot to enjoy their masterful creations, and be sure to try one, or a few, of their excellent cocktail concoctions.


Another Bristol institution comes in the form of the BBQ restaurant, Grillstock. The restaurant has brought a slice of American-style barbecue to the city and the smell alone is worth the journey. They have a wide menu full of meat offerings, but their burgers are still one of the top dishes. Stacked high with meat and multiple homemade sauces, they really have to be seen to be believed.


As part of the recent influx of burger operators into the city, Hubbox have been quickly welcomed with open arms and mouths. Whils taking inspiration from American street food the South West group also support their roots and use Cornish beef for their burgers. Their menu is also laden with hot dogs, as well as burgers, so you won't be stuck for choice, and their twice-fried fries are also proving extremely popular in Bristol.



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