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Walking around London, it can often feel as though you are never more than a few feet from a coffee shop, yet still a new one opens virtually every day. If you make your way down Oxford Street or Tottenham Court Road you’ll see 5 or 6 of these outlets, all in a row, but all with queues out of the door at peak times – there seems to be an insatiable appetite in the Capital for fast, fresh food, with an ever increasing emphasis on the product being healthy.

The scene is clearly dominated by the large chains such as Pret, Leon, Wasabi and Itsu and their growth over the last few years deserves an awful lot of credit. Between them they have secured a phenomenal number of sites, in some of the most prime and, perhaps more importantly, convenient locations in London. Their product is consistent across all their stores and customers know exactly what they are going to get.

The presence of these large, hugely popular chains can present a challenging battle ground for a new entrant to the market, it hasn’t however put Ron and the team at Nurture off and they have recently opened their second site within the Stanhope development at White City Place. Nurture were established just over a year ago in Hammersmith with the aim of delivering 5 star meals made with real, nutrient dense and traceable ingredients at an affordable price and have successfully traded from their small site there for 12 months.

It quickly became clear that a larger, flagship site was required and we were delighted to assist Nurture in their acquisition of their unit a Media Works, White City Place. As well as being the central development kitchen. the unit, now fully open, offers customers a fresh and healthy alternative to the norm, in very cool surroundings and is sure to appeal to a wide range of people. The menu is filled with dishes including the Spicy Nurture Breakfast. a stunning combination of avocado, legbar egg, chillis and other delights, the homemade Crunchy Buckwheat Granola and the freshly made Banana Bread, the smell of which fills the air as you enter the restaurant – the food is healthy, fresh, different and, most importantly of course, delicious!

White City was chosen as a location not necessarily for what it is now – although it does present very nicely now – but for what it will become over the next couple of years. White City Place is being completely refurbished with the developer targeting an exciting mix of office, leisure and retail tenants and further,  within a stone’s throw of White City Place, is the redevelopment of Television Centre, the extension of Westfield London, the 1,400 new home Berkeley St James development and the extension of the Imperial College Campus – this corner of London is changing, fast!

On the back of the White City Place launch, we are now looking for a third Nurture site, which we would like to open before the end of the year – watch out Pret, we’re coming for you!


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